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AEC Collection

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection

The Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection now offers even more great tools in one essential package!


Why Industry Collections?
Industry Collections
Design & Creation Suites
Greater Value
  • Better deal
  • More for your money
  • Good deal
Continuous improvement
  • Collections continuously evolve to improve customer workflows
  • Updated once per year only
More Cloud Services
  • More cloud services
  • 3 named users per cloud service with multi-user access
  • Some cloud services
  • 1 named user per cloud service
Greater flexibility and choice
  • Single-user access
  • Multi-user access
  • Single-user access only
Simplified packaging
  • 1 per industry
  • Multiple per industry

Support all phases of the building life-cycle with design technologies that cover conceptual design through construction – including BIM and CAD– all in a single package with the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection.

For customers on a maintenance plan, at the time of renewal, you will have the opportunity to switch to a subscription to the Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection at a discounted price.

Software Included in the AEC COLLECTION:





Software for building information modelling

At a glance 

Use BIM tools for intelligent 3D model-based design

Create co-ordinated models and documentation

Includes features for architecture, MEP and structural engineering


Design and documentation software

At a glance

Create stunning CAD designs

Speed construction documentation and detailing work

Connect workflows across desktop, cloud and mobile

AutoCAD Civil 3D

Civil engineering design and construction documentation

At a glance  

Improve project delivery

Maintain more consistent data

Respond faster to project changes

Modules available: Geotechnical Module, Bridge Module, River & Flood Analysis Module

InfraWorks 360

Geospatial and engineering BIM platform for planning, design and analysis

At a glance  

Produce model-based designs in real-world context

Improve public engagement, gather feedback and help speed the approvals process through near-realistic visualisations

Access advanced design, simulation and analysis abilities for carriageway, bridge and drainage projects

Navisworks Manage

Review integrated models and data with stakeholders to gain better control over project outcomes

At a glance  

Integrate data from multiple sources

Identify and resolve conflicts before construction begins

Link 3D-model data to schedules for faster 4D simulation

AutoCAD Raster Design

Raster-to-vector conversion software

At a glance  

Convert raster images into DWG™ objects

Edit and enhance scanned drawings in an AutoCAD environment

Embed images, insert and export images and display image subsets

Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle swept path analysis software

At a glance  

Evaluate vehicle movements on transportation or site design projects

Explore design options and evaluate safety and standards compliance

Get design and simulation tools that integrate with the AutoCAD environment

AutoCAD Map 3D

Model-based GIS and mapping software

At a glance  

Import, visualise and stylise large sets of 3D laser scanning/LIDAR data

Convert GIS and CAD data to intelligent models

Create thematic maps, build topologies and create reports

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD functionality, plus tools just for architects

At a glance  

Create architectural drawings, documentation and schedules

Design and produce renovations more quickly

Draw building elements with real-world behaviour and construction

AutoCAD Electrical

AutoCAD functionality, plus electrical design CAD features

At a glance  

Design and document electrical controls systems

Get symbol libraries, bill of materials reporting and PLC I/O design

Automate common design tasks and improve drafting productivity


AutoCAD functionality, plus features for mechanical, electrical and plumbing professionals

At a glance  

Draft, design and document building systems

Create more accurate MEP construction documentation

AutoCAD Plant 3D

Plant layout design software

At a glance  

Design, model and document process plants

Use AutoCAD commands to lay out steel structures, model equipment and route piping design

Improve collaboration with Vault integration

FormIt 360 Pro

Intuitive 3D sketching app with native Revit interoperability

At a glance  

Conceptual design with location data, levels, images and materials

Collaborate on models in real time and run energy and solar analyses

Insight 360

Revit plug-in to guide better building energy and environmental performance

At a glance  

Get energy and environmental performance throughout the building lifecycle

Visualise and interact with key performance indicators and benchmarks to guide toward better outcomes

Model with FormIt Pro and Revit to generate insights in the modelling environment

Recap 360 Pro

Reality capture and 3D scanning software and services

At a glance  

Import, view and convert point cloud data

Stitching, advanced editing and measurement tools

Scan-to-mesh data service

Fly features for UAV/drone photos

3ds Max

Structural bridge analysis software

At a glance  

Perform integrated loading, analysis and code checking of small to medium-span bridges

Define bridge materials, geometry and design girder components in an interactive graphical environment

Automatically generate calculation reports that incorporate relevant design codes

3ds Max

3D modelling software for steel detailing

At a glance  

Generate accurate steel shop drawings

Access ready-to-use parametric steel connections

Accelerate fabrication with bidirectional link with Revit

3ds Max

Turn Revit models into an immersive experience in one click

At a glance  

Turn your BIM model into an immersive visualisation in one click

Step inside your design to understand and explore from every angles

Navigate your model in a virtual reality environment

3ds Max

Advanced BIM-integrated structural analysis and code compliance verification tool

At a glance  

Access powerful analysis tools for static, modal and nonlinear structures

Support BIM-integrated workflows with key Autodesk design tools

Perform code compliance verification

3ds Max

Programming environment that lets designers create visual logic to design workflows and automate tasks

At a glance  

Create visual logic to quickly explore design options

Automate repetitive tasks to speed the design process

Extend your designs into interoperable BIM workflows

AutoCAD 360 Pro

MEP detailing and fabrication software - available as Fabrication CADmep, Fabrication CAMduct, Fabrication ESTmep

At a glance  

Extend your design-intent model for detailing

Export and import Revit and AutoCAD MEP models

AutoCAD 360 Pro

View, create, edit and share DWG™ files on the go from your Mobile device

At a glance 

View, redline and add notes and photos to your drawings - from almost anywhere

Easy access to drawings; no need to print and carry them

Rendering in A360

Fast, high-resolution renderings in the cloud

At a glance  

Produce photorealistic renderings from designs and models

Manage large batches of rendering jobs in a fraction of the time required on your desktop

Create navigable, interactive panoramas; solar studies; and illuminanceNo software to install or maintainCreate detailed fabrication shop spool sheets

3ds Max

3D design software for modelling, animation and rendering

At a glance 

Create cinematic-quality rendering and 3D animations to help communicate your design ideas

Export 3D views from Revit to 3ds Max to produce high-end 3D visualisations


Structural Analysis for Revit

Run static analysis of structural designs in the cloud directly from Revit

At a glance 

Perform cloud-based building structural analysis of Revit models

Conduct simultaneous analysis while working in Revit or run parallel analysis of structural design concepts

Explore and visualise results within RevitPopulate designs with moving or idle crowds

Cloud storage

Upload and access large files of any type - anytime, anywhere


Benefits of subscribing to an Autodesk industry collection: 


Greater Value
Wide range of the most essential software and services providing value that well exceeds the premium suites at a very competitive price point


More Flexibility and Choice
Offering both single-user and multi-user access and multiple term lengths to fit your business needs


One collection per industry with a wide range of the technology you need vs multiple tiers of suites helps simplify decision process



Please note:   Current maintenance plan customers can continue to renew their suites and products.