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Pentagon Solutions, leading supplier of Autodesk Design, BIM & Cloud solutions in the UK & Ireland, helps you maximise your technology investment through trainingprofessional services & support

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We provide various levels of support depending on the needs or requirements of your business!

Let's get you started with some useful links to guide you through the installation of your Autodesk products:
Top 5 Things You Should Know About Subscription Setup
Prepare to Download and Install
Find Serial Number & Product Key
Install on a Single Computer
Download Previous Versions
Perform a Clean Uninstall
Moving to Subscription - Completing the Switch

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Maximise your software investment with Cloud technology - Subscribe to The Cloud. cloud-proud.png

Whether you need to work with others on a mockup or render a 3D image, adding cloud services to your Autodesk software helps you do your job faster.

Have you checked your cloud credits? Purchase cloud credits today, or log in to check your cloud credits balance. Subscription customers can purchase cloud credits to use any cloud service including rendering, simulation, and reality capture.

(Access videos showcasing cloud technology below)

Autodesk Subscription - Are you seeing the benefits?

Subscribing to Autodesk products is the most flexible and cost-effective way to access and manage your design, engineering and software tools. Read through the perks of subscription or contact our Autodesk subscription team with any queries.  

training-feedback-comments.pngPentagon Training. Get ahead. Stay ahead. 

As an Autodesk Authorised Training Centre (ATC) we offer a range of CPD Certified CAD & BIM training courses. We provide fully furnished training suites with all the latest Autodesk technologies as well as the option for bespoke onsite training. 
eyeball-paul.jpgAutodesk Licensing Terms - Are you compliant? Avoid common compliance issues by exploring your license agreement.

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