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Why BIM?

Unlock the full business potential of Lifecycle BIM

Simply put, BIM is a process that with the correct implementation, will make life easier for everyone involved in projects.

Malak Abdelmoaty, Pentagon's BIM and Facility Management Integration Consultant, explores the questions on everyone's lips when it comes to BIM:

Firstly, what is BIM?


Secondly, how to successfully implement BIM strategies?

Finally, how can you benefit from BIM?

In two short videos the concept of BIM unfolds revealing a more simplistic approach to the key topic within the construction industry making it less of a daunting task on your check list & more a valuable process that will save & make you money.

BIM and FM Asset Integration

For clients, facility managers & those involved within the operation phase of a building, our BIM & FM integration video will help provide an understanding of how crucial it is to be involved early in the project & our experts can guide facilities management towards better engagement & streamline the process from the beginning.
(BIM & FM Video Accessible via the side panel)

BIM brings people together. It’s collaboration from Design, Delivery, through to Operation. 
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